Breeztel Voice & Phone

    • £

    • You've chosen - Basic Line Rental Plus
      Basic Phone Package, 1000 minutes to UK Landlines. No set up fee.

    Phone line options

    Choose from the options below

    • This option is a line rental cost per month.
    • Note: you're not paying the £3.99 this on this order. This is just for you to have an idea of the monthly phone line cost.
    • £
    • £
    • You've chosen - Breeze Fibre 30
      - Internet speed: 30/05 mbps
      - Free router: Yes
      - Usage allowance: Unlimited
    • You've chosen - Breeze Reg Fibre 40
      - Unlimited internet
      - Free fibre router: Yes
      - Line rental included
    • 34.95 £
    • 6.95 £
    • 100 £

    The bundles below are available on the O2 and Vodafone networks.

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Please be advised that there will be a planned maintenance on the Breeztel network.

Please be advised that there will be an emergency maintenance on the Breeztel network.

Affected Zones (click to view full information):

If you have any queries related to this notice then get in touch with us via email: or check our "Complaints procedure" section for more information.
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this work.